Consulting Partners

Mfg - Strategic Initiatives

 Consulting - Key areas of expertise: 

Lean initiatives, 

manufacturing transfer, 

new product launch, 

manufacturing scale-up,

 Mergers & Acquisition. 

ISO 9001 & AS9100

 Training, Implementation, Documentation and Certification for ISO9001.  For aerospace and other manufacturing organizations to implement an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system. 

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Projects 

Migration 2D to 3D

Reverse Engineering

Design and Development

FEA - Finite Element Analysis

On demand Engineering Bandwidth

Supply Chain Network - Fabrication for OEMs

We have relationships and broker new introductions for OEMs and manufacturers looking for new fabrication suppliers with ISO certifications.

Unix/Linux Operating Systems Manager

IT Senior Unix/Linux Operating Systems Manager/Technical Lead with extensive experience in leadership and hands on development of Unix/Linux engineering, technical and operational staff to deliver business value and provide transformational 

IT technology solutions. 

· Expertise in engineering, delivery and integration of Unix/Linux solutions and services into large scale data centers

IT Security

 HIPPA and Privacy concerns

Firewall and Internet Protection 

Offsite Back-up for Guaranteed continuity after an attack. 


Strategic Manufacturing Initiatives


Manufacturing - Strategic Initiatives


· Consulting - Key area off expertise: Lean initiatives, manufacturing transfer, new product launch, manufacturing scale-up, M & A.

We have a very experienced team of certified, senior manufacturing pros. We serve medical, aerospace and other manufacturing organizations to implement an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system.


Companies that are buying / transferring new products realize cost savings and less headaches when they have a custom manufacturing transfer document prepared for a new manufacturing process launch.   


Training, Implementation, Documentation and Certification for ISO9001.  

Re-certification two years later? We can do it again. 

We make it possible for aerospace and other manufacturing organizations to implement an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system.  


The AS9100 is based on ISO 9001 to the extent that it retains the entire set of ISO 9001 standard requirements and just includes additional requirements and notes throughout the document. This makes it possible for aerospace organizations to implement an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system, so long as it implements the requirements that are particular to the industry. 

Manufacturing Transfer Document

When you bring in a new product for manufacturing, are you prepared to do it right, right from the start? Our consulting team has leadership with 35 years of experience in getting this specific process done right.  From the raw materials to the correct order of the fabrication, to validation and inspection; having steady experienced leadership is an advantage you should take advantage of; and then you will stay ahead of any issues and complications. Contact us today to discuss our expertise.  

Mergers & Acquisitions

A valuable blend of experience across all facets of global manufacturing and operations management in highly regulated environments.    

Summary of Consulting Services

Do you want help with the ability to analyze the current state of the business, zero in on issues, map processes, and find  cost-effective, strategic solutions to optimize productivity, quality, and operations through process reengineering or new technologies? 

We can help:

To align manufacturing, supply chain, plant optimization, and cost containment strategies with overall business objectives.

We are experienced and highly successful in leading large-scale strategic projects including international plant startup, turnaround, transformation, and expansion environments. 

Leverage our solid understanding and expertise in M&A due diligence, integration, and divestiture. 

Utilize our extensive experience in highly regulated environments and expertise in the associated regulatory requirements.